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Nigeria is a country with lots of positive attributes – an idyllic location, a friendly climate, a young, competitive and efficient workforce, and rich cultural and artistic wealth. These assets are creatively woven into a solid brand of credible and sustainable promise over time, capable of boosting investments, attracting cultural or adventure tourism and strengthening pride in being Nigerian.

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Nigerian Grand Book partners NiDCOM, NCDMB
The Nigerian Grand Book project promoters in partnership with Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NiDCOM) and the Nigerian Content Development Management Board (NCDMB) have concluded plans to launch The Nigerian Grand Book on June 1st, 2023.

The Project Director, Sunny Ikwuagwu made this known at the press briefing of the launch of the groundbreaking of the national project, held at Precise Communication office in Yaba on Tuesday, February 7, 2023.

Ikwuagwu noted that the book is a national souvenir which tells the Nigerian story, highlights the rich culture and natural resources abundant in Nigeria.

According to him, the book covers areas which cut across all tribes and geographical location. The Grand Book project is a multipurpose platform conceived specifically for redirecting the convoluted perception of Nigeria and Nigerians

“The public private partnership project is ambitious to strategically reveal, highlight and celebrate the very best of Nigeria.

“This partnership shall be instrumental in the actualization of the ultimate objective of the project targeted at a wholesome image overhaul of Nigeria, as it is expected that the project will accelerate further inflow of foreign direct investments through a well-conceived mix of sustained activities.”

He, however, explained that they have put together critical initiatives and schemes that will ensure the full realization of the broader objectives of this project, part of which is the flagship project called the Nigerian plant.

“The Nigerian grand book highlights historical content to reinforce understanding of essential Nigeria in its glorious antecedents. It is an archival delight and a treasure. A treasure trove of nostalgic pictures of significant moments to mark the nations march to greatness”, he noted.

Also speaking at the event, the Chief Executive Officer, Precise Communications Platform, Bolaji Okusaga, said that Nigerian Grand book contains impeccable account of events that brings better perspective to understanding the dynamics of the Nigerian nation.

He, therefore, added that the book tells the story, providing facts and figures that would not only inform the world including Nigerian in Diaspora about the rich culture and natural endowment, but as well as dispelling the myths and misconception about Nigeria.

“We believe that this project will yield a great inflow of foreign direct investment which will stimulate the economy. The book is conceived and propelled by 100 proudly Nigerian corporate institutions.

“These companies have contributed immensely to the economic landscape of the nation; it will also encourage even participation in the Nigerian business terrain for growth”, he said.

The Grand Book is a stand alone collectors’ item, exquisitely hand crafted in limited edition and weighing about 30kg, with a dimension of 300mm×700mm. It comes in customized gift boxes with each containing the book, diary, executive pen, and the National flag.

The first edition will be released on the 1st of June, with 63 units produced to align with Nigeria’s year of nationhood.

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