Who We Are?


The Nigerian Project is a multi-purpose initiative for re-positioning the country for a wholesome image overhaul. It shall redirect the convoluted perception of Nigeria (and Nigerians) as a nation of huge opportunities and not an assisted country or failed state.
The Nigerian Project is a public-private partnership project which shall strategically reveal and celebrate the very best of Nigeria. The whole ethos behind this project is carefully crafted to encourage ‘sensitive exploration’ and promote unfettered enjoyment with marketing focus on critical segments to strengthen genuine appeal of the country to all.
Nigerians In Diaspora Commission (NiDCOM) is the Principal Public Sector Partner.
The Nigerian project is a veritable platform that provides the right motivation to recast Nigeria’s narrative and positively reverse the negative perceptions both locally and globally.
The Nigerian Project is driven by high-achieving Nigerians in diaspora and at home, with the support of responsible corporates, agencies, individuals, and “friends” of Nigeria.
The Nigerian Project has created a monumental production of Nigeria’s visual history presented in a spectacular compendium, illustrated with a captivating mix of over 800 archival and contemporary photographs that celebrate the country in all its pride and glory. It is a truly bespoke publication which projects the huge promise Nigeria holds for the black race. The magnum opus on Nigeria puts in the possession of the owner, an exclusive metaphor for the nation with Africa’s largest population.

It is a befitting pedestal which propagates Nigeria’s engaging narrative and reveals her exciting profile.

Core Mission

  • To take Nigeria’s appeal to the world and capture overseas demand for businesses derived from Nigeria.
  • To highlight the real heroes of Nigeria’s socio-economic growth.
  • The Nigerian Project is energising the cultural relevance of a new Nigeria with a ‘glocal’ mind set which a modern and globalised audience cares to hear about, relate to, and engage with.

Strategic Intents

  • Achieve perception change through methodical exposure of Nigeria’s REAL ESSENCE and the irrepressible NIGERIAN spirit
  • Create a sustainable machinery to restore trust and confidence in Nigeria as an emerging global economic power
  • Create credible access for capacity building, integration and optimum application of human capital resources, especially from overseas
  • Establish Nigeria as an investment haven through a multi-year, multi-media branding scheme to drive the growing entrepreneurial spirit, especially in retail commerce and its enabling technology.
  • Chronicle Nigeria’s trajectory and institutionalise progressive initiatives for a glorious future through legacy publications, bespoke events, guided promotions, etc.