The Nigerian Grand Book is produced in limited edition annually. It is a serialised monumental book which vividly captures how the alchemy of events has shaped national ethos.

The tome comes with exquisitely made customised stand. It is brand equity building and corporate social responsibility rolled into one. The over 750-page book is acquired by pre-order only.

Other supplementary publications with special focus on some significant sectors such as oil and gas, tourism, entertainment, entrepreneurship/business, etc., shall be produced as part of the initiatives.

The Nigerian Grand Book, a flagship initiative of The Nigerian Project – a public-private project endorsed by the Nigerians In Diaspora Commission (NiDCOM) – is an impeccably researched compendium of the birth and growth of Nigeria which is presented in two broad sections:

 NIGERIA – Mainly historical content to reinforce an understanding of essential Nigeria in its glorious antecedents and the narrative up until AD 2000. It is an archivist’s delight and a treasure trove of nostalgic pictures of remarkable moments of the nation. Our partner media organisation with over 90 years of operations, possesses the richest reservoir of captivating library images of Nigeria’s epochal moments.

·      Naija – the cultural phenomenon defining a new Nigeria and emblematic of positivity. Naija has become the established spirit of the contemporary Nigeria as a powerhouse of talent and opportunity, where creativity is empowering citizens, especially the youth, to winning global acclaim.